Picking Up the Pieces

Serving Utah's Refugees & Others

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Our organization is changing lives and bringing hope to individuals in the communities where we work!

Good Samaritan Foundation's (GSF) mission is to enrich communities by providing essential services that encourage learning, growth, and well-being.

We do this through providing opportunities, services, and resources within Neighborhood Centers located where clients live. Whether that's providing homework help to youth, providing child care to adults in our English Learning program, or offering a space for cultural celebrations; we exist for the community.


We are grateful for our partners!

1. English Language Support

Understanding & Moving Forward

English Learning for refugees at the Good Samaritan Foundation Utah

Every individual has value and worth

GSF believes that English Language Learning is foundational to the success of those we serve. Learning English skills is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals we work with.

Individuals in the communities we serve come from all walks of life. Refugees, for example, may have been doctors, teachers, and other professions before coming to Utah. Still, others come seeking safety, support, and a fresh start. All bring a rich culture and diverse understanding that is meaningful and valuable.

GSF provides high-quality English Language Learning programs catered to the language level of every individuals.

2. Living Wage Employment

Success through opportunity

Education & Training2

Success is obtained through hard work & opportunity

GSF believes that through hard work, opportunity, and community support, all individuals can achieve their definition of success through meaningful employment.

GSF works with individual clients to understand their needs and create plans that may include: English language learning, enrollment in education or training programs, understanding how to submit forms or build a resume, etc.

Whatever the need, GSF's Career Services staff along with volunteer Career Mentors are committed to supporting clients throughout their journey.

3. Education & Training

Reaching for the future

Education & Training

Education is key to large scale change

GSF believes that education is key to large scale change for all communities. We partner with local organizations, schools, and others to support high school aged youth and beyond to obtain education and/or training that will not only lead to success for themselves, but success for future generations as well.

What are others saying?

Refugees, Donors and Volunteers Agree!

This moment does not define them, but our response will help define us.

"Being a refugee may be a defining moment in the lives of those who are refugees, but being a refugee does not define them. Like countless thousands before them, this will be a period—we hope a short period—in their lives. Some of them will go on to be Nobel laureates, public servants, physicians, scientists, musicians, artists, religious leaders, and contributors in other fields. Indeed, many of them were these things before they lost everything. This moment does not define them, but our response will help define us" – Elder Patrick Kearon, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 


“GSF builds friendships first, and then volunteers are better equipped to meet the needs of those we are here to help.”

- Jeri and Duane R., GSF Volunteers

"GSF doesn’t create something and find people, GSF finds people, and then creates something that meets their needs.”

- Tom Lloyd, Donor and Co-Founder

"Sometimes, I get a call in the middle of the night from someone who tells me, ‘I got a job!’ I feel grateful that I can help them.”

- Jean-Claude, Congolese Refugee,
GSF Employee

In 2018, GSF met and exceeded its first year goals:


Individuals Served


Centers Open


Volunteer Service Hours


Languages Spoken

How Can You Help?

You are the missing piece.

Effecting Lives, Providing Hope, Helping Others

GSF relies on positive collaboration, meaningful community partnerships, and passionate volunteers to achieve success. Without these connections, we would not be able to provide valuable services for those individuals whom we serve.

It is vital that donors, volunteers, and other community members cultivate awareness  and compassion for the experiences our clients have had and the challenges they face. Many of these challenges may seem insurmountable, but with patience, understanding, and commitment, you can be part of helping individuals rebuild their lives and create a new home here in Utah. You can make a difference in the lives of others by giving what you can!

You can always start by being a friend.