Career Services

Good Samaritan Foundation Utah

We don't just find our clients a job, we help them plan for a sustainable future

Career Service goal is to help clients achieve independence and self-reliance through livable wage employment.

We work closely with local businesses, colleges, government agencies, and other nonprofit providers to place our clients in employment and education opportunities that align with their current skills as well as future aspirations.

GSF's Career Services team brings 25+ years of experience in helping refugees and others find meaningful and sustainable employment. The majority of our employees are refugees themselves and have intimate knowledge of how to overcome the challenges of finding livable wage employment.

Currently, our Employment  staff works out of all three of GSF Neighborhood Centers providing valuable services to hundreds of clients each year.


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Since November 2018 we have:




Self-Reliant Plans


Full Time Placements


College Enrollees

Clients achieve independence and self-reliance by:

1. Guided Goal Setting

We work with clients to create a self-reliance plan aligned with their aspirations, interests, and skills

2. English Skills Learning

We assess English skills and align programs to increase or refine skills that will allow them to obtain employment, education, and/or training

3. Career Mentors

Clients are matched with a volunteer Career Mentor that helps build trust and keep them motivated

Pieces of Refugee Care

4. Education & Training

We work closely with local colleges and other training programs to match clients with learning opportunities

5. Case Management

GSF Career Specialists track client progress, and identify resources and support

6. Community Connection

We engage community volunteers, local businesses and others to learn about our clients unique background and compelling stories

“Good Samaritan Foundation builds friendships first,
and then volunteers are better equipped to meet the needs of those we are here to help.”
- Jeri and Duane R., GSF Volunteers

Rasmussens (1)

Duane and Jeri Rasmussen are Career Mentors. When they first started volunteering, they were matched with a Iranian refugee with a severely disabled teenage daughter.  They learned quickly that what most people need first is a trusted friend. They were able to offer vital help navigating complex government systems in order for their client to obtain livable wage employment while being the primary care giver for his daughter.

"More often than not, there are immediate needs that having a friend who knows the systems and can wake them (clients) through complex processes that allows them to overcome those barriers and take the next steps towards success."

"Those we work with call us their friend. They know we are there to help and they can count on us to respond. That's what Good Samaritan Foundation does, builds friendships first and then we are better equipped to meet the needs of those we are here to help. Once you have a trusted relationship, then you can understand their "why." Why they are seeking employment. Why they are in Utah."

Career Mentors like Duane and Jeri are crucial to the success of the hundreds of clients seeking a better life when they walk through our Neighborhood Center's doors.

We have successfully placed our clients with the following companies!

Absorb Heating
Airport HBF
Alpha medical
Alpha Warehouse
America First
AMSCO Window

Candies Foods
Cascade Window
Columbus community Center
David Bridal's
Desert Industries
Daily’s Premium Meats
Dimensional Impact

East Midvale Elementary School
Elwood Staffing
Farmland Foods (Smithfield)
GCA Services Group
Glaze Tech
Hampton Inn
HBF Furniture
HMS Host

LDS Hospital
LG Resources
LDS Humanitarian Center
Hunter Douglas
Intermountain Central Laundry
L3 Technologies
Martin Garage Door
Resource MFG

Pro Building
Quest Staffing
RBM Cleaning
Red Lion Hotel
Remedy Staffing
Residence Inn
Rio Tinto-Kenecott
Simmons Mattress
LSG Sky Chefs

Tasca Automotive Group
Toter LLC.
Trulite Glass & Window
University of Utah Hospital
Windriver Construction

"Being able to walk with a client from the moment they walk through our doors seeking support to their first day on the job is a privilege. We couldn't do what we do without so many great companies who understand the value of a diverse workfroce."                                                                             -Kody Fox, Director of Career Services