GSF Rallies Around Expecting Mother

Carla, manager of a local apartment complex near Rose Park Neighborhood Center, reached out to Danny, the Rose Park Neighborhood Center Director, explaining that one of her residents, a young refugee mother, was going to the hospital within the week to have her baby. Her husband was out of state visiting his dying father and she had very little support at home. Many of the woman’s concerns were around making rent, having enough food, and caring for her new baby while her husband was away.  The manager asked what we could do to support her.

Just as we began brainstorming around ways we could help this young mother, a local volunteer and good friend of the Neighborhood Center came by to drop off a donation for the young children who use the Kids Room. We let her know about the issue and she immediately got to work making recommendations and asking how she could help.

We utilized some funds we had from a previous Eagle Scout project where the Scout did a clothing, food and cash drive for the Center. The Scout asked that we use the funds for an emergency situation or crisis. This young mother’s situation seemed to fit that criteria! With this donation we provided items such as diapers, onesies, formula, and other newborn necessities as well as food and other basic needs so that this young mother and her new baby were well cared for.

As we learned more about the situation, we found that the young mother had some local family support when she had her baby and we offered our support as well.

Danny explained, “I have no doubt that this stellar volunteer who jumped in to help would’ve gone to the hospital and held the hand of this young mother if that’s what was called for!”

We want to thank our stellar volunteer (who prefers to remain anonymous), the Eagle Scout, and the apartment manager for rallying around this young mother in crisis and ensuring that she and her baby had a healthy and safe beginning!

The volunteer and young mother declined to have their photograph taken; however this picture is of the items purchased with the Eagle Scout’s contribution.

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