In Our Own Backyard

James H. Woodward, Chairman Good Samaritan Foundation Harold C. Brown, Vice Chairman Good Samaritan Foundation
In 2008, the Good Samaritan Foundation (GSF) was founded by Tom Lloyd and James Woodward, local business men and entrepreneurs who wanted to ensure that all people in Utah were leading successful lives.
After experiencing the poverty and challenges of refugees all over the world during his time as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jim Woodward felt compelled to provide support, resources, and sustainable training and opportunities to refugees, particularly in war torn Sierra Leon, Africa. However, upon his return to Utah and in preparing to travel to Sierra Leon, he realized how much need their was right here in Utah.
He saw that refugees, immigrants, and others were struggling to obtain and maintain a livable wage, that being able to speak English was the biggest challenge facing many of these individuals on their way to self-reliance, that youth were being targeted by gangs and subjected to violence, and that the cycle of inter-generational poverty continued. He saw many providers offering great services, but none of them were doing it within the communities where these individuals lived. He wanted to change that.

Thus, in partnership with Tom Lloyd and other community leaders, GSF began offering services that were “born out of need” within the neighborhoods and communities where these individuals lived. As a real estate developer and philanthropist, Tom Lloyd committed to establishing Neighborhood Centers in the heart of neighborhoods where services could be accessed easily and effectively. A native of Rose Park, Tom understands personally the success that can come from having access to opportunities that propel individuals into independence and self-reliance. GSF believes that success is obtained through having access to opportunities! Whether it takes 2 steps or 200 steps, we are committed to supporting clients every step of the way.
Of course, GSF understands that these challenges are too big to tackle on our own! We strive to identify existing community partners, local providers, private business, government leaders and others to join with us in a collaborative effort to create sustainable change for these struggling communities.
How can you help? Sign up to volunteer! Consider your own financial gift! Partner with us to provide services to more clients in impactful ways. Check out our website: or contact us at

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