Our Goals

Good Samaritan Foundation Utah

2019 Goals for the Good Samaritan Foundation


Individuals Served


Centers Open


Volunteer Service Hours


Languages Spoken

Meeting Individual Goals

Building a foundation

Where it's employment, English skills, or simply            seeking community, safey, and enrichment, we exist to help communities meet those goals.


College and Career Ready

Looking towards the future

We provide crucial support to refugee youth and others by offering English language support, ACT prep, college and career ready coursework, and ongoing support beyond high school graduation.

Quality of Life

Growing together

All GSF services work in tandem to increase individuals enrichment and success. Whether it's through better English skills, increased employ-ability, educational success, or overall increase in quality of life, we exist for the community.


 Building Community

Creating home and belonging

Many refugees and others speak longingly
of a return to their home countries, most of which
will never do so. Building a welcoming and cohesive
community here in Utah is vital to the success of those we serve.

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Good Samaritan Foundation Utah Goals

Neighborhood Centers: Success through Opportunity

"Our services are born out of need," says co-founder Jim Woodward, "We ask what the community needs to be successful, and then we get to work."

Neighborhood Centers are GSF's premiere strategy for providing services to the surrounding community.

Though many communities face similar barriers, each Center's services are catered to the needs of the surrounding community. Meaning there are unique opportunities and services at each Center depending on the need and available resources.

Services include:

English Skills Learning, Career Services, Citizenship Classes, Career Mentors, Family Mentors, Refugee Youth Programs, Refugee Youth Soccer, Medical and Eye Clinics, Walk-in Services, and more.

To learn more about each Center, click below.