Park Place

Neighborhood Center

Coming Soon!!

We are excited to announce in partnership with Rainbow Housing Assistance Cooperation, GSF will begin providing much needed services out of the centralized Club House at Park Place Apartment Complex located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

This area was identified for a Neighborhood Center because of it is the the first home of many refugees newly resettled in Utah. It also provides low-income housing for a variety of populations and helps families and individuals identify resources and support to help them reach their goals.

Available Services at the Park Place

Career Services

Build your resume

Find clothes suitable for your work environment

Set goals

Receive vocational training

Clarify your education and career path

English Learning

Gain Language Proficiency

Grow in self relience with language learning

Choose a class fit with your level

English classes for children and adults

Youth Programs

Compete recreationally with team sports

Grow in mental and physcial strength

Enjoy being on a team

Create lifelong peer and mentor connections