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Rose Park Neighborhood Center is located in the heart of one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Utah. The cultural richness of this area is a valuable piece of Utah's future prosperity.

The mission of the Rose Park Neighborhood Center is to provide services within the community where clients live.

We've reached out to local organizations, residents, providers, schools, church groups, and others to understand the gaps in services within the community. Then, through partnerships, collaboration, and direct service, we fill those gaps.

English Training

Leveled Classrooms

English Assessment

One to One Tutoring

Effective Curriculum

Real World Language Training

Youth Programs

Pro Social Activities

College and Career Support

Test Prep


Financial Aid Pathways

Career Services

Resume Building

Wardrobe Support

Goal Setting

Vocational Training

Education Path Clarified

Other Services Available

Walk-in Services

Citizenship Classes

Health & Vision Clinic

And more...

2019 Goals Rose Park Neighborhood Center


Refugee Clients


English Classes


Local Partners


Walk-in Services

Currently, Rose Park Neighborhood Center offers English Skills Learning classes, Career Services, Citizenship Classes, Medical and Vision Clinics, Walk-in Services and more.

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