English Language Learning

Good Samaritan Foundation Utah

With language, you are at home anywhere

GSF English Language Learning program provides clients with leveled classrooms that fit their language learning needs. From basic English to high-level vocabulary for employment and educational training, refugees and others come to us seeking a vital skill that will unlock opportunities for future success.

GSF's curriculum draws from experts in the field of English skills teaching, decades of research, and the most effective English teaching programs available to provide the highest quality programming for clients.

With a high-skilled and experienced staff and trained community volunteers, GSF's English Skills Learning program is available at Rose Park Neighborhood Center, making it available to hundreds of individuals.


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Wise Ng, ELL Program Manager

Learning English unlocks opportunities for success by:

1. Individual Assessments

Ever client receives individual language assessment to ensure they are placed in the right class

2. Trained Volunteers

Highly trained community volunteers engage one-on-one in classrooms, mentoring students through the learning process.

3. Leveled Classrooms

Our classrooms are structured to meet the language needs of the clients.

Pieces of Refugee Care

4. Family Support

We are working to provide high-quality childcare for Primary caretakers of small children, enabling them to  enroll in classes

5. Effective Curriculum

Our curriculum is catered to "real life" situations such as public transportation, educational requirements, job interviews and more

6. Community Connection

Building language skills allows clients to be full participants in their new communities and neighborhoods.

"There's English language and then there's English skills. Both are necessary, one is vital."
- Wise Ng, ELL Program Manager

The Good Samaritan Foundation Utah provides English Learning Classes

Currently, Rose Park Neighborhood Center offers English Skills Learning classes, Career Services, Citizenship Classes, Medical and Vision Clinics, Walk-in Services and more.